Mandriva’s Business Server integrates Zentyal technology offering a replacement for Microsoft Exchange Server and Active Directory

Mandriva’s Business Server, an open source based business server targeted to the needs of small and medium businesses will very soon be available for large organizations alike.

The joint product development collaboration is with Zentyal, a Spanish company that is a developer of easy-to-use and affordable hybrid infrastructure, and the only vendor worldwide to offer server technology that is natively interoperable with both Microsoft Active Directory® and Microsoft® Exchange Server.

Screenshot from 2014-03-28 14:59:24

The feature offers native compatibility with Microsoft® Outlook and Active Directory allowing the Mandriva’s business server to be linked to an existing domain just as in a Windows Server, with no plug-ins required.

The collaboration aims to offer a highly scalable, secure, cost effective and easy to use Business Server product for organizations of all sizes.

Zentyal and Mandriva share strong synergies in both technological and commercial areas linked to a shared open source commitment to providing businesses with viable, cost effective alternative to proprietary servers.

 «Mandriva is excited to lay the ground stones of the only pan-European alliance to provide a credible alternative to US-based software vendors, enhancing the privacy and digital independence of our customers while providing the exact same functionalities as competitive, closed-source and black-box IT systems. Capitalizing on European innovation, we strive to be the new generation advanced operating system in full respect of the data sovereignty, heading towards the « Airbus of IT » said Jean-Manuel Croset CEO Mandriva S.A.

“For decades, large majority of world’s businesses have had no choice but to lay their IT infrastructure to the hands of a single provider. Lack of competition has meant that product development has been steered rather by revenue streams than customer needs and there has been no need for innovation. Today, we can finally change this by offering a technology that is natively compatible with the core of Microsoft products and making it available through global players like Mandriva.” said Ignacio Correas CEO of Zentyal.

The Mandriva business server integrating Samba and OpenChange technologies packaged by Zentyal will be commercially available in the third quarter of 2014.


More Information

Contact our sales department :
+33 (0)1 76 64 16 60


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Mandriva is a gold sponsor at the ACA Solutions Day, Singapore

Following the success of Mandriva at the ACA Solutions Day in Malaysia last month, Mandriva is keen on repeating the same at the upcoming ACA Solutions Day event as a gold sponsor to be held in Singapore on the 22nd of April.

 A strategic Mandriva distributor in Asia Pacific, ACA Pacific Technology is a leading distributor of IT supplies in Asia, with an extensive network of over 800 trained and certified channel partners Aca Pacific has been serving the region for more than 20 years and is providing Mandriva unparalleled levels of channel sales and marketing support for its products.

This years event in Singapore is themed around « How to leverage on Innovation to increase your productivity », and Mandriva will be presenting its IT systems management solution Pulse addressing the topic.ACA_2014_Invite

The event will have resellers and end customers comprising of IT or Infrastructure Managers, Solution Architects, Project Managers, C level members among others representing a wide array of sectors and enterprises in Singapore with the objective of promoting Mandriva and generating demand for the solution Pulse.

Mandriva is looking forward to the 22nd of April and showcasing and positioning Mandriva as an open source French software vendor and its IT systems management solution-Pulse as a viable alternative to proprietary softwares in the region.

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Mandriva’s Malaysian partners are all set to go!

The recent weeks in Malaysia have given Mandriva the much needed visibility in the region and garnered significant interest from both potential partners and clients for our IT systems management solution-Pulse.

 The recently completed Pulse certification programs followed by major marketing events in the country, have made Mandriva’s partners all set to begin sales of Pulse.

20 February, Malaysia: Mandriva shines at the ACA Pacific Annual Solutions Day

The annual event organized by our distributor-ACA Pacific, attracted more than 300 aca event yvanattendees a mix of re-sellers and companies both multinational and regional that generated potential and significant interest for Mandriva’s IT systems management solution, Pulse. The event’s primary objective was to generate leads and demand for the various partner’s solutions. With Mandriva’s CEO-Jean-Manuel Croset participating at the event, both ACA Pacific and Mandriva are pleased with the response and interest shown in Pulse. ACA Pacific’s vast ecosystem will work to promote and sell Pulse with Mandriva supporting it technologically via transfer of competence.

26 February, Malaysia :Abyres_and Mandriva_sign_collaboration

In an official signing ceremony with our strategic partner -Abyres, Mandriva has created the first enterprise open source desktop management solution in the country. Abyres was appointed as Mandriva’s certified advance technology partner for Malaysia and Brunei transfer of technologies between Abyres and Mandriva is underway, with Abyres being in charge of driving Mandriva products through its strong local network of customers and partners. Abyres will help drive the growing momentum behind Mandriva solutions and will incorporate level 3 support centers for the region by the end of 2015. The partnership will make Mandriva and Abyres to be the change agents for Malaysia’s open source community.Abyres & Mandriva signingOpen source pact (l-r): Francois Matraire, Trade Commissioner of the French Embassy in Malaysia; Jean-Manuel Croset, CEO of Mandriva; Mohamad Jamal Suleiman, CEO of Abyres; and Ng Wan Peng, COO of MDeC.

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Mandriva is at CEBIT 2014

In addition to the events in Asia Pacific, Mandriva will also mark its presence closer to home as one of the 3500 exhibitors from 70 countries that will participate at CEBIT, one of the worlds leading IT technologies Fair in Hanover, Germany this year.

A moment of glory for Mandriva, the CEBIT jury’s decision to pick Mandriva’s proposal for the Special Conference Open Source, will have Mandriva present its talk on its IT systems management solution Pulse 2.0 that is scheduled on a Tuesday, 11th of March 2014, 5:15 to 5:45 PM.

Meet us there and hear us talk !


Whats more, Mandriva is also giving away 500 free tickets to CEBIT.

Ask for free tickets by sending us an email, including the following information :

-Name of the organisation

-Number of attendees

-Name and email of each attendee

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Mandriva wishes its partners in Asia Pacific a happy chinese new year

With the recent announcement of strategic partnerships in Asia Pacific region, the Chinese new year and Tết (Vietnamese new year) celebrating the arrival of spring also mark Mandriva’s entry in the region. Mandriva’s  presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam are a testimony to the growing appeal and increasing footprint in the international markets.


Mandriva’s entry in the region also signifies its foray into cloud computing with CloudPulse. 

Mandriva joins its partners in the new year celebrations and wishes them “Good luck and great success in the coming New Year”


Zhù láinián hǎoyùn, bìng qǔdé gèng dà de chéngjiù/ “chúc mừng năm mới

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Mandriva celebrates the unveiling of Pulse’s latest version 2.0

2014 marks the inauguration of Mandriva’s 2.0 version of Pulse, the par excellence solution for IT systems management the industry will benefit from. The added functionalities cater to the needs and expectations of IT systems management professionals.

 screenshot-pulse2.0-en          Logo-Pulse-02

A preview of Pulse 2.0 will be made to selected invitees – our industry clients and partners, at the launch of the solution. The seminar has been organized over breakfast (9:30 am- 11:30 am)at the chic hotel-de-ville (French Renaissance) styled conference gallery within the premises of Mandriva headquarters in Paris’ 9th district.

What is Mandriva showcasing in this unique occasion? Well, we will be highlighting the 5 NEW functionalities added to Pulse based on the latest industry trends in IT systems management. This will be followed by a live practical demonstration of the solution with use cases: our industry invited guests get to share their verdict!

The event will have the CEO of Mandriva present the strategy for 2014 along with the product protfolio and a quick run of the brains behind Pulse 2.0

Whats more? a lucky draw winner gets to win a subscription pack CD of Pulse’s all new version 2.0 for 100 work stations with 1 hour of free techncial support included.

Register here!


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Mandriva signs up new partners in Asia Pacific to accelerate its growth

Paris the 19th of December 2013. Mandriva S.A. , the European leader in Open Source solutions, has enrolled three new important companies in its partnership program. These three companies are all based in the Asia Pacific Region and will help drive the growing momentum behind Mandriva solutions.

The Abyres Group is an established group of companies providing a high-level of expertise in systems integration all across Malaysia and Brunei. The Abyres Group will market and integrate the Mandriva Pulse2 IT systems management solutions through its strong local network of customers and partners.

ACA PACIFIC is one of the largest software and IT distributor across South East Asia. ACA PACIFIC will work hand in hand with Mandriva to bring Pulse2 across the Asia Pacific economic zone through its extensive networks of resellers and integrators.

CMT Solution is a Vietnam based partner who will provide both distribution and integration services on Pulse2 and Mandriva Business Server in Vietnam.

These new partnerships show both the expansion of Mandriva on the global level and the increasing appeal to partner with Mandriva” explains Jean-Manuel Croset, CEO of Mandriva S.A. “We look forward to these partnerships as they will help drive the adoption of our solutions all around Asia and increase Mandriva revenues”.

Starting from later December, Mandriva solutions and support services are available from the three partners in their respective business operating zones. For more information please  contact the relevant partner or Mandriva S.A. directly:

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Mandriva and SMILE partner on Pulse2

Paris the 5th of December 2logo_smile_france013: SMILE and Mandriva S.A. have agreed to form a partnership aimed growing the use of Mandriva Pulse2 on the professional market. Mandriva Pulse2 is the market leader in Open Source IT systems management. The solution embeds well known technologies such as GLPI, OCS, FusionInventory and BackupPC and is  gearing towards a major release at the beginning of next year. It has already proven itself as a credible solution for mission-critical systems.

This partnership will allow SMILE, one of the fastest growing IT systems integrator to deliver Pulse2 to new customers and provide them with SMILE’s added value, while expanding Pulse’s market size at the European level.

We look forward to this partnership as it will accelerate the adoption growth of Pulse2” says Jean-Manuel Croset, CEO of Mandriva S.A. “We are confident SMILE will deliver great results thanks to their expertise and their knowledge of the market“.

More information about Pulse2, Mandriva and SMILE may be found on the two companies’ websites.

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Congratulations OpenMandriva!

Paris the 26th of November 2013. Mandriva S.A., the leading European Open Source Software vendor congratulates the OpenMandriva project for the release of its first stable version. In 2012, Mandriva S.A. had  decided to discontinue the development of its own Mandriva Linux distribution and to give it back to the community. This transfer of leadership, resources and stewarts is unique in that it highlighted the deep collaboration between a corporation and a volunteer-based community.

Oma-logo-22042013_300pp-shad1x1After an inital transition phase leading to the establishement of a french NGO (OpenMandriva Association), the OpenMandriva project took on the development that  led to the release of OpenMandriva LX on Monday. This release, as such, marks the rebirth of the former Mandriva  Linux community and it is something which Mandriva welcomes with interest and happiness.

We congratulate the OpenMandriva project for this release and wishes them good luck for the many others to come“, says Jean-Manuel Croset, CEO of Mandriva S.A. “Mandriva will rely in the near future on OpenMandriva LX for some of its offers and we are happy to see the community take off after a long, yet necessary transition. To all of you, thank you for your work and making OpenMandriva LX a reality and a great stable release“.

The OpenMandriva project as well as OpenMandriva LX is freely available for download on the community website.

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The challenges of digital privacy and independence

The recent updates in the press about the mass surveillance initiatives coming from specific governmental agencies are growing ever more worrisome. Today more than ever, businesses, citizens and the public sector need to protect their data and secure their IT infrastructure.nsa_google_snoop
But there is little awareness of what that protection means and what the necessary measures would entail. In a nutshell, you need to consider three main areas  of possible investigation and improvement:

  • The location and proper use of your data: today many businesses hand out their data to cloud service providers but have no clear idea how it’s going to be used, where it will be stored and what will happen the day they will decide to change suppliers.
  • The availability of the source code: proprietary software vendors may have indeed a different business model from what Free and Open Source Software vendors have. But the lack of availability and auditability of the source code of their solutions create not just uncertainty, but the actual possibility that a backdoor has been inserted in order to leak data or take control of the system. This is not an hypothesis, as the press already disclosed what went on with established vendors.
  • The nationality and trackability of the components and the vendor. While this is somewhat a logical consequence of the two points above, it is important to realize that, depending on the nationality of the software vendor or the service provider, certain national regulations allowing data collection by a third party may apply or that this vendor agreed to collaborate with third parties to put backdoors and other similar mecanisms in the software.

Where does Mandriva stand in all this? Good question. Mandriva helps its  customers protect their privacy and keep their digital independence in three ways:

  • We do not share your data with anyone. Period. While we collect some data in specific instance, we do not share them with anyone, and these data simply gets deleted after a while from our own infrastrcture.
  • We develop Free and Open Source Sofware. All our software is released under the LGPL v2 license. Our code is auditable and accessible. We also share some of it to upstream communities and projects.
  • We are a French company. We are based in France (Paris and Metz) and our subsidiary is in Brazil. Because of this we are not bound to the regulatory constraints that plague so many other software vendors.

To choose Mandriva solutions amounts to choosing secure and robust solutions that not only help your business but protects your data and your independence. Read more about our committment here.

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