Ars Technica looks at Intel classmate PC running Mandriva

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Great to see that Ars Technica took time out at aKademy 2007 to look at the classmate PC running Mandriva Linux. Helio Castro, who was involved in the effort to port Mandriva to the classmate PC, did a demo for them, and they came away suitably impressed. Read the whole article here.


Mandriva at the Fanny’s Party!

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On tuesday 24th Mandriva was at the Fanny’s party. It’s a party organised monthly by Fanny and meant to make geeks of all boards meet around a drink and high tech novelties.
During this party various brands bring and present their new products so the guests can test them.

That’s how dozens of people gathered all evening long around Mandriva’s table in order to see the new distro: Mandriva Linux 2007. The 3-D destop was particularly succssful, everyone wanted to see the cube roll and they all left with their share of Mandriva goodies.
Our table

Christopher and Damien, but also many more Mandriva employees such as Céline and Warly, made demonstrations al might long and answerded tquestions from teh guests but also from TV since the channels NRJ 12 & Canal + stopped at our table to make interviews. Stars are among us now!

Mandriva should then have the priviledge to be on TV, on the TNT network (NRJ12) and in the show called « Tentation » on the Canal+ channel. We don’t know exactly when it’ll air yet, so stay tuned!

Various other brands were present that night. Besides Mandriva Linux 2007, the guests could discover the latest Palm, the brand new Nokia mobile phones, a new magazine named Digital World and they got to win numerous presents during the drawing of lots traditionnally held at the end of each Fanny’s party.

The ambiance wax very casual, the venue (La Suite) was very nice and we were all very satisfied with our night. Going back to a Fanny’s party will be a no-brainer!

View all the pictures on Mandriva’s Flickr Photo Album.

Mandriva à la Fanny’s Party !

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Mardi 24 octobre, Mandriva a participé à la 21e Fanny’s Party, un
rassemblement de “geeks high-tech”, fanas de nouvelles technologies, organisé
tous les mois par la très conviviale Fanny
Au cours de cette soirée, diverses marques high-tech viennent présenter leurs
nouveautés, que les invités peuvent voir et tester en direct live !

C’est ainsi que des dizaines de personnes se sont pressées autour de la table
de Mandriva pour découvrir la version 2007. Le bureau 3D a rencontré un franc
succès, tous étaient curieux et finalement conquis de voir le bureau-cube
tourner sur lui-même, et chacun est reparti avec goodies et Mandriva One.
Notre table

Christopher et Damien, mais aussi d’autres mandriviens comme Céline ou Warly,
ont effectué des démonstrations tout au long de la soirée et ont répondu aux
nombreuses questions des participants mais aussi de la télé ! Et oui, NRJ12
et Canal+ se sont arrêtés à notre table pour réaliser quelques interviews. Il
y a des stars parmi nous !
Christopher, Fanny & la télé
Mandriva devrait donc avoir le privilège de passer à la télé, sur la TNT
(NRJ12) et dans l’émission “Tentation” sur Canal+. Nous ne connaissons pas
encore les dates de diffusion alors restez branchés.

De nombreuses autres marques était présentes à cette Fanny’s Party. Outre
Mandriva Linux 2007, les invités ont pu découvrir les derniers Palm, les
nouveaux téléphones Nokia, le magazine DigitalWorld, et gagner de nombreux
lots au tirage au sort organisé en fin de soirée.

L’ambiance était très détendue, le cadre très agréable (La Suite, dans le 8e
arrondissement à Paris) et nous sommes tous repartis très satisfaits de notre
soirée. La Fanny’s Party, on y retournera sans hésiter !

Toutes les photos ici :
L’album photo de Mandriva


Invictus Firewall

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Invictus Firewall

We’ll be shipping Mandriva Linux 2007 with an extra security feature we’re very proud of: Invictus Firewall.

Invictus is latin for unconquered and the title of a famous poem by William Ernest Henley. Invictus Firewall is a redundant firewall. Drakinvictus is the wizard that will help you to configure it, in your language when available. That’s as Mandrivian as it gets.

Samir Bellabes came to me and said “Alex, I just added some sweetness to the kernel”. Samir took the ct_sync capabilities of Netfilter, that allow syncing conntrack and expect tables between the two firewalls, and the virtual IP address sharing allowed by ucarp from OpenBSD. All in all, if the master fails, the slave knows when and how to replace it, instantly. Dead simple, simple genius.

Sam is a networking and security wizard. Rumours say he’s on the right spot to know what you need to protect your network. Colleagues say his help is valuable when designing protocols to communicate with certain employees from the communication agency across the street. Anyway, here’s a diagram of what your network could look like with Invictus Firewall (click on the image to enlarge it):

Invictus Firewall diagram
So there’s the kernel trick by Sam, and there’s also Blino’s user interface. A Mandriva wizard as you love them.
Invictus Firewall is of course licensed under the General Public License. We’re making it available in Mandriva Linux Powerpack+ 2007: once you’re running the system simply launch drakinvictus to configure it.
Our Small and Medium Business clients can now safeguard their network’s first and last protection from the wild world of the Internet — the firewall — and benefit from our technical support.If you’ll be using any other flavour of Mandriva Linux 2007, you’ll be able to install drakinvictus with urpmi or the brand new rpmdrake2.For 2007, we wish you to remain unconquered.


“Ia Ora World”, I am Mandriva Linux 2007

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Mandriva Linux 2007
New “Ia Ora” theme (that’s “Hello” in French Polynesian!), 3d desktop with both AIGLX and XGL, GNOME 2.16, KDE 3.5.4, Kernel 2.6.17… No, no, don’t read this post, go get your own brand new Mandriva Linux 2007!

Mandriva Linux Free 2007

Mandriva Linux One 2007

  • 1 CD with the greatest software. Use it in Live mode, install it in minutes from the desktop.
  • There’s the Free Software version, with no proprietary drivers.
  • There are the free, as in gratis, KDE and GNOME versions, available in 4 flavours according to your language. These include the proprietary drivers for WiFi, video, etc.
  • Grab the Mandriva Linux One 2007 torrent using your favourite BitTorrent client! And share it people, spread the love!

Mandriva Linux Discovery 2007

  • The DVD designed for Linux beginners, with simplified menus and ergonomy (also available on CD).
  • Includes a free 1 month subscription to Mandriva Club (Silver level), to Mandriva Online (the powerful update notification service) and 1 month of free commercial support by Mandriva on our Mandriva Expert platform.
  • Includes full versions of LinDVD for DVD playback; Flatout, a hit game powered by Linux; more full versions of commercial software.
  • You’re one small step away from adopting Linux with Mandriva Linux Discovery 2007.

Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2007

  • 2 DVD’s of pure Mandriva Linux experience for those of you who want to get some.
  • Includes a 6 months subscription to Mandriva eTraining including the Linux System Administration course (certified by the Linux Professional Institute), a 1 month subscription to Mandriva Club (Silver level), to Mandriva Online (the powerful update notification service) and 2 months of free commercial support by Mandriva on the Mandriva Expert platform.
  • Also includes full versions of LinDVD for DVD playback; Flatout, a hit game powered by Linux; also more full versions of commercial software.
  • Fellow Linux lovers, meet Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2007.

Mandriva Linux Powerpack+ 2007

  • A 2 DVD solution for your Small Office / Home Office.
  • Increased security with Invictus Firewall, the Mandriva-made and exclusive redundant firewall solution, VNC software for remote administration, new VPN configuration tools, ERP, CRM and CMS solutions.
  • Best in class commercial software: Arkeia Smart Backup, BitDefender, VMWare.
  • Includes a 6 months subscription to Mandriva eTraining including the Linux System Administration course (certified by the Linux Professional Institute), a 1 month subscription to Mandriva Club (Gold level), 3 free months of Mandriva Online (the powerful update notification service) and 3 months of free commercial support by Mandriva on the Mandriva Expert platform.
  • Yes, this is Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2007.

We’re very proud of Mandriva Linux 2007. Congratulations to the team, special cheers to our contributors, translators, documentalists and testers!

You too, join the community that is making Linux better on the desktop since 1998!

Do read the release notes and errata.

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