Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring RC 1 “Serapia” released

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The fifth pre-release of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring is here. This pre-release includes the all-new artwork for the 2008 Spring release, further improvements to the Mandriva software management tools, WPA-EAP support in the network configuration tools, KDE 3.5.9 and available 4.0.1, some new default applications in KDE and GNOME, and the latest pre-release of OpenOffice.org 2.4. See here for download information.


RC2 Sunna is out, “here comes the Sun”

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Mandriva Linux 2007 RC2 Sunna
Mandriva Linux 2007 Release Candidate 2 Sunna is ready to be tested.

Main changes from RC1 Mona are:

  • Several bugs fixed in rpmdrake
  • Text installation fixed
  • Various fixes to Ia Ora themes
  • arts patched to prevent some problems (apps dying on startup, arts being launched in non-KDE environments)
  • various other bugfixes

As you’ve been faithfully doing for the past several weeks, RC2 Sunna is available in many different flavours. Grab one or many from the mirrors, check out the known issues, install it and help us hunt and squash bugs with Bugzilla.

Thank you to all testers for the help they’ve been giving. Long hours, short nights. Keep up the effort, we’re almost there now: Mandriva Linux 2007 is almost ready to roll. It’s already rocking :)

“Here comes the Sun” as they say.


RC1 and a full moon here in Paris

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Mona, or Máni, God of the Moon, has been unleashed by Warly and the team. On the race to Mandriva Linux 2007, it’s the first release candidate. Miam.

Now that Tyr was put to sleep, there have been some changes:

  • New Ia Ora Theme also available under KDE
  • New backgrounds integrated
  • The network module b44 should be fixed
  • The default web page for the web browser should display correctly

Yes yes yes, new backgrounds.

As usual, read out the known issues, and once you’ve downloaded Mona and got it up and running, feed any nasty bug you find to Bugzilla.

Even though this is neither a beauty nor hair contest, everyone go grab a mirror !


Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta 3 : Tyr

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Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta 3 Tyr
The latest Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta, codenamed Tyr is out of the oven.

It’s time to embrace 3-dimensional Mandriva Linux. Tyr delivers a ONE CD with 3D Desktops enabled:

  • AIGLX and XGL support
  • Both FREE and proprietary drivers handled, for INTEL, Nvidia and ATI chipsets
  • Compiz window manager for some neat effects
  • Ready for KDE and GNOME desktops (”KDE 3.5.4 and GNOME 2.16 RC1″-inside)
  • Featuring the new Drak3D tool for easy management :)

ONE is a live-and-install CD. Just slide into your drive, boot on the CD, and enjoy the ride.

More news from the neat-user-experience-department: the new version of RPMDRAKE, our application management tool, is included. We revamped the User Interface and we want your feedback.

More and more:

  • DrakVPN, a tool for managing Virtual Private Networks, is also available.
  • Invictus Firewall : Mandriva Linux is certainly the first Linux distro to include a redundant firewall solution. Stay tuned during the next few days for more information on Invictus.
  • More applications went into the XDG menus.
  • WARNING: some ONE Cd’s (10 versions are available for BETA 3) include proprietary drivers. If you want a purely free Tyr, check out the info.

Ok, that’s enough teasing. Find more information in our development wikipaying particular attention to the known issues — then download Mandriva Linux Beta 3 Tyr and help us correct eventual bugs by filling reports in Bugzilla.




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Odin the Wanderer from WikipediaOdin, chief God of the Norse pantheon. He stands for wisdom, war, battle, death, poetry, magic, prophecy, victory, hunt. More about him on Wikipedia.
Odin, the second Mandriva Linux 2007 Beta. It stands for:

  • GNOME 2.16 beta 2
  • Kernel 2.6.17 (based on, with ALSA 1.0.12 rc2, i965 support, and new kernel factorization: normal, enterprise and legacy)
  • KDE 3.5.4
  • More applications migrated to XDG menus
  • New ‘Ia Ora’ Mandriva Theme (for now only included in GNOME)
  • New VPN configuration tool (drakvpn)

Yes, the new Mandriva Linux 2007 theme is already available for GNOME! It’s called Ia Ora, meaning “Hi” in Polynesian (”Hello” is “Ia Orana”).

::UPDATE - Odin screenshots are already available on Flickr::

Read some more information about this release, don’t forget the known issues.

Then download Odin, install and test it before you feed our Bugzilla with those juicy reports.

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