Mandriva adds a semantic layer to the KDE 4 desktop

Posted in KDE, Mandriva at 3:45 am by Adam

We’ve just sent out a press release highlighting Mandriva’s leading contribution to NEPOMUK, which is being integrated into KDE 4. NEPOMUK is officially described as a ’semantic desktop technology’. What this means for KDE 4 is really a desktop-wide metadata layer: you can add metadata, like a description and a rating, to any object (objects can be files, of course, but also many other things), and the whole desktop is able to take advantage of it in whichever way is most appropriate for what you’re doing at the time. It’s a great technology and we’re happy to be playing a leading role in developing it. There’s more information in the press release. There’s also a video you can take a look at, which demonstrates NEPOMUK’s integration with Dolphin, the new file manager in KDE 4.

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